Grandad's 90th

My grandad is turning 90 in a week or two. We are having a party to celebrate but I’d love to get him a nice gift. I was thinking a lovely meal out somewhere or an activity with my grandma in tow. He’s the absolute best and memories are always better than a gift. Has anyone done anything similar? He’s based just outside of Winchester, Hampshire so open to location within 1.5 hours x

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Ahh so cute I love this! How about a nice photo album for him? Or we took my Grandma to the Lanesborough hotel for afternoon tea which she loved and think its a good place to take grandparents for something special xx

I agree on afternoon tea - the Four Seasons Hampshire is also lovely and nearer their house than London. Cowarth Park is also stunning and has a beautiful lounge area for this.

Ah so lovely, I always think a lovely meal somewhere easy to get to but still feels special is great for grandparents. Would he travel to London? Savoy lunch might be sweet! Also things that hold special memories -we made my grandad a bookmark with photos of all the family as he loved reading and framed a picture of my Nana being silly for him once and he loved it!