Great late-night bars in SE London

Hello. A friend of mine is having a birthday party at a wine bar in Elephant & Castle next month. It closes at 11pm, so we’re on the hunt for a good place for about 10 of us to head to after to keep the party going. Has anyone got any good ideas within easy reach?

Many thanks!

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Hey! If it’s Diogenes in E&C you are heading to, that’s a great spot. I live super close and there aren’t many places open later for drinks/dancing that would appeal to everyone. If you are looking for a club then Corsica Studios is v nearby and sometimes has good nights on but other times it’s hardcore techno/acid house so check carefully. Ministry of sound is nearby but I have never been. If you are looking for bars the last talisman is a 10/15 min walk on bermondsey street and is open till 2am, it’s very near London Bridge. There is also the elephant in E&C that I think is open till 4am (always looks lively but have never been) or Mercato Metropolitano (think it closes at 1am but last orders are earlier). In honesty I would get a cab or hop on the bus for 15 mins to Peckham or even Brixton where there is more choice and head to another bar (Zapoi, Bussey Building etc)

Thanks so much! Yes, it’s Diogenes – love that place! My friend whose party it is lives round the corner and couldn’t think of anywhere nearby, but I’ll definitely suggest The Last Talisman to her (or Mercato – forgot about that one!)

Thanks again!

Bermondsey arts club isn’t too far and stays open late, it’s underground and quite cool!

Wonderful, thank you!