Hair colour ideas

Hey! I have dark chestnut-y coloured hair with quite pale, olive skin -looking to change my hair colour but would love thoughts on what colour/highlights/lowlights you would opt for (that don’t wash pale people out)?

Maybe an auburn brown? Ombré? Caramel? Or even darker?

Thanks so much! X

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Oo it’s hard without seeing your hair in person but there’s so much you can get done now!

We wrote about some of the techniques here:

Balyage may be really nice for you to bring about some warmth? Definitely seek advice from your hairdresser first though and save lots of inspo!

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It’s funny you say that because as soon as I went back to my natural dark/brown colour - i felt like I looked so washed out too and started having to wear a lot more bronzer and blush! ha

I think there’s something about having blonde/caramel-y colour put in that somehow actually warms things up complexion wise. I’m obviously not a hairdresser but have spent so much time in hair salons getting my own hair done and think a caramel-y balayage + a face frame will look really nice if you want a bit of a change.

Or perhaps its worth doing a gloss or tint and warming up the brown in your hair. Before doing anything deffo have a consultation with a hairdresser, it’s always so helpful x

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