Hair Fall Out

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of hair fall out when I brush or in the shower. I haven’t had covid (that I know if). Any products or vitamins you would highly recommend.
Many thanks!

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Hey, I experience hair loss as well I found great advice on the Philip Kingsley Instagram page where they talk about the different type of hair loss and the causes which might help you identify what could be causing yours. From there page I learned about the importance of iron in hair growth and since I am vegetarian I decided the take iron vitamins I got mine from boots but you can buy them I most chemists and supermarket, I would try and get the iron vitamins plus vitamin c if you can as the vitamin c helps your body absorb the iron. It take a few months to notice a difference when you start any vitamin but I have been taken mine for about 2 months now and I have noticed my hair falling out. I would have a look at the Philip Kingsley resource and maybe consider a iron vitamin if you suspect you could have low iron.
Hope this helps


Follow Jo Jones on Instagram - she has struggled with hair loss and has documented her journey. There’s lots of advice and she’s in the know when it comes to all things health and beauty x

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Thank you! Will check it out now.

Thank you! Will take a look

Viviscal is amazing, you need to stick with it but the results are worth it x

A friend of mine raves about Hairology! x

I have used Hairgain with extra Biotin. My hair loss was due to low iron so the iron spray from Better You was brilliant, it doesn’t upset your digestion either. Good luck!

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I hear you with this! Mine has considerably thinned over the past year and I’ve seen more of my hair fall out in the shower. I do recommend Hair Gain, but like any supplements, they take time to work. In terms of topical treatments the Kerastase Genesis line is proven to work and prevent shedding/breakage! I also rate Michael Van Clarke’s masks and nourishing treatments. Putting in time and making sure hair stays hydrated will definitely help minimise breakage and in turn hair falling out. Stick with it! x


Hi Kirsty,
I wanted to share with you a new product launch from premium beauty brand Hush & Hush, their DeeplyRooted® range, a new complete hair care system clinically proven to help with hair loss and damage.

Featuring a supplement, hair serum, shampoo and conditioner, the physician-formulated system goes beyond surface-level repair, through root-enriching blends with deep potency. A clinically-proven solution to thinning hair, participants in a 3-month study* saw improved overall hair growth and quality, with 33.3% decrease in hair loss during a pull test.

The range:

  1. DeeplyRooted® supplement (63) – a clinically-proven hair growth supplement for thicker and healthier hair. The DeeplyRooted® clinical study showed:
  • Overall hair growth improved by 91%
  • Hair quality improved by 81%
  • Hair volume increased by 79%
  1. DeeplyRooted® Hair Serum (£63): A light-weight, leave-in, and deeply potent cellular restoring treatment, clinically-proven to enrich the scalp, reduce shedding and revitalise unhealthy or ageing hair.
  2. DeeplyRooted® Shampoo (£29): hair cleanser that exfoliates the scalp and strengthens thin, brittle, and ageing hair.
  3. DeeplyRooted® Conditioner (£37.80): intense nourishing hydrator that repairs damaged strands and moisturises for ultra-soft, shiny hair.

All DeeplyRooted ® hair care products are colour-safe, vegan and free from cruelty, parabens, sulphates and artificial fragrances.

Available from Deeplyrooted Collection - Hush & Hush UK

This hair growth oil honestly works wonders! I use it everyday and has reduced my hair loss, my hair also feels much more stronger and thicker.

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I’d highly recommend getting a full panel thyroid test as one of the main root causes of hair fall is underactive thyroid. Most GP’s run basic thyroid tests that don’t flag up any problems, so look into a full thyroid panel privately through Medichecks. It’s an excellent service (no affiliation) and will help you better understand what’s going on hormonally so you can right it from there! Also address stress, sleep and diet/nutrition. 2 of the main minerals for converting thyroid hormones into its active component are zinc + selenium. I recommend zinc Picolinate from
Solgar and Selenium from Viridian (no affiliation) Oh and…silk pillow case! Hope this helps, I know how distressing hair fall can be. Take care, K xo

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We wrote a piece on site about this if it helps! x

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hey Kirsty, I am so sorry you’re experiencing this, I know just how scary it feels. I had the same for around 3-5 months, starting about 9 months after I had covid, starting around Oct 22 and lasting until Feb 23 (I’m not sure if that’s related but I also had a really weird skin reaction, series of really uncharacteristic dry scaly flare ups and rashes from May - Sept 22 then the hair fall sitch)

What I’ll say is, mine seems to have been temporary, which speaking with my hairdresser (If anyone wants recommendations for INCREDIBLE colourists and hairdressers for thinning / fine hair let me know as my girls are my ANGELS!) makes sense as your hair sort of works in cycles. So firstly to reassure you, this too may pass!

Secondly, I can’t recommend Hannah Gabourdi highly enough - she’s a wonderful Trichologist specialising in PRP which I have found really helpful, not neccesarily for hair shedding but for hairline thinning.

Finally, the Beauty Pie hair ampules worked well for me for the first month and a half, I bought 2 boxes and used the first intensively then continued one month or so after for maintenence as advised.

The Silk Collection also do a beautiful hair wrap to dry your hair gently after showering - I was getting so distressed seeing clumps falling out when drying my hair, but this wrap is super easy and quick, gentle, and feels like a lovely treat x

I hope all this helps and please remember you’re not on your own, I think it’s so important we speak up about these sort of things as they can be so scary and isolating - thank you Sheer Luxe for the platform. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: