Hair smoothing/styling product for flyaway hair!


Can anyone recommend a good hair smoothing product to put on after I’ve straightened my bob? (to tame flyaways) At the moment I’m using bed head after party, but was wondering if there’s anything better?

Thanks xx

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I like Philip Kingsley products - they do a really good strand maximiser which definitely plumps up the individual hair strands and their misting spray is good too.


The Hersheson’s everything cream really does do it all. Couldn’t live without

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If I ever straighten my hair, John Freida’s Frizz Ease usually does the trick!

I also love the Ouai product range and have heard good things about the smoothing creme.

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I personally love to use an oil for frizz smoothing and my favorite is the Davines Oi Oil. Otherwise another trick would be to use a very small amount of wax - such as the Ouai Pomade to tackle any of the really pesky flyaways.

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This did very well in our beauty awards:

I am yet to try it but everyone raves about it in the office!