Hand Cream for Dry Skin

As soon as the temperature drops my hands start to get really dry and sore. Am looking for a cream that’s rich and soothes without leaving a residue! Thanks in advance!

For a budget option, I have been trying out the Neutrogena fast absorbing hand cream and it works wonders without leaving residue! x


This one is great & affordable - O'Keeffe's Working Hands Jar 96g - Boots


Body Shop Hemp hand protector - it’s super moisturising, non-greasy and absorbs quickly. You only need a little bit so the tube lasts ages. My brother also uses it as he’s a mechanic so his hands get really dry and cracked from the hand cleaner he uses, and it heals them up nicely. They do a large size and a hand bag size so you don’t have to invest in the big one straight off


Very old fashioned but I use Atrixo & think it’s fab!

I’m exactly the same, and my skin is quite sensitive too, but I really like Nursem, Elizabeth Arden and Aesop

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Love Elizabeth Arden, Loccatiane or O’Keefes. Heard great things about body shop hemp too but not tried myself!

You’ve got to try Nursem!! It’s SO good and was developed with nurses (hence the name) to make sure the harsh effects of constant washing were combatted. It’s a game-changer x

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I’ve been recently using this Nuxe hand cream and it’s really good! Also smells lovely x

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Agree with Becky, Nursem is incredible and never feels sticky. I am currently using Dr Sam Bunting’s Hand Therapy - it’s fragrance-free which I love and seriously nourishing.

The CeraVe Handcream is non sticky and super hydrating. It is also v affordable!

Bought Lidl’s version of Neutrogena (to store at work) and have to say wasn’t disappointed at it at all for the bargain price of £0.69!!!

You can mix equal quantities of olive oil & vaseline very thick you can add a bit of manuka honey, then put on cotton gloves & leave on overnight then wash your gands in the morning. Be wary its slippery but works well. Other than that Aveeno is great too.

This has been my go to lately:

But for something a little richer (i.e. a mask to leave overnight) then give this one a try:

I like this one from Avène:

Or working bands in the background!

If you get very dry sore hands (I’m prone to eczema on my hands in winter) try Odylique’s Ultra Rich Balm and their Repair Lotion. It really works when your hands are red sore and painful. It’s a nice UK natural brand.

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i use a bit of liz earle super skin concentrate under any hand cream i have…to hand !! i also place my current body led fask mask over my hands whilst watching TV.