Help me accessorise my formal look!

Hey everyone!!
I’ve recently bought my formal dress and shoes (I’ll insert a picture) I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions for the following…
-colour ideas for my mani pedi
-jewellery options (preferably gold)
-hair styles
Any suggestions are appreciated, just wanting some inspo for styling it
Thankyou x


Hey, love the dress. I’d personally opt for a french mani pedi just to keep it classic and keep the attention on the dress, if you’re not a fan of classic french, maybe a light beige. With jewellery maybe try either a fine necklace with more statement earrings, or stud earrings with a slightly thicker necklace. With the hair, I think soft waves would look lovely with them loose but pinned at the back so show off the dress, or a middle parting, undone bun to keep the focus on the dress.
Some ideas: