High waist, wide leg/ish for petite (swamped in everything tried so far)

Hi Florence, thanks for this brilliant new addition to the Community.
As a 5’1" petite (e.g. generally x/xxs Zara/Mango) I’m struggling this season in general as oversize looks great on others, not on me.

I’m looking for good denim ideas on high st/affordable higher end brands. I’m also keen for tips in general for this time of the oversize. I just look like I’m dressing up in adults clothing in so much these days!

Thanks so much x


I’d suggest Uniqlo. I’m 5’4 and bought some wide leg jeans from there. I got the 31 length which I find good without altering but they do shorter. The quality is decent for high street, comparable to Zara and Mango if not better.
Hope hat helps

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Thanks so much, very helpful! I always forget about Uniqlo and people seem to find some gems. I’ll check them out xxx

Hi Sam!
Another petite Sam here👋 I am 5ft 3 and size 12 but I feel exactly the same! Oversize for me is a tricky one also…

I have come to realise I prefer more fitted jackets like blazer /leather jacket & slimmer fit jeans.
I find that way I feel less swamped. And the excess material on me just makes me look bigger not cooler :joy:
By fitted jacket I mean they fit on my shoulders - leather jacket I recently got billie from all saints but in a size small. It’s longer and a bit looser but it’s not too oversized on me.

Although I did get a slightly oversized black freepeople denim jacket this summer which I love (check out keely busby on insta - she’s petite & always looks great!)

If I go slightly oversize on top I’d always stick to a slimmer jean - highly recommend gap vintage high rise slim , they come in petite lengths!
I actually recently bought a lower rise skinnier jean from Zara and honestly they suit my body shape so much better than high rise straight leg :crazy_face:

if I wear a more fitted jacket
or slimmer fit t shirt/ jumper , I have some ‘baggier’ jeans like citizens of humanity marlee , I roll up the bottoms to taper them slightly.
mother denim - insider crop fray are a great shape - they’re fitted but flare out slightly at the ankle.
agolde Riley - they are straight fit but a slimmer fit & they come it lots of washes. I wear them a lot!
With designer denim I’d personally only ever buy cropped lengths.
Also Paige denim is really great for more fitted styles as the material is thinner & they have stretch in them.

I find going to a department store or ordering various styles from net a porter/ Harvey Nichols has served me well,
You can try various styles that way so you know what does / doesn’t suit you and then can always look on vinted!
There’s some great designer denim on there!

Good luck! I’d love to hear if you find any new items you love :blush:

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For denim/trousers I would really recommend looking at Mint Velvet because they have different lengths to cater for petite

This is such great, detailed advice!!

I totally agree that it is about balancing proportions. At the moment a more relaxed jean is on trend, to balance this I would then choose a jumper that isn’t so oversized. For example we are loving red right now, I think jumpers like this work not so oversized. https://www.stories.com/en_gbp/clothing/knitwear/sweaters/product.relaxed-fit-knitted-jumper-red.1089897006.html

And I also agree that Mother denim is so great, especially the crop styles, I like the Hustler

Hello… I’m also a petite, 5’0" (on a good day) and size 6/8 - I have recently bought Mint Velvet wide legs jeans in a 6S which were perfect and also Mint Velvet Slim jeans in 8R for a more casual relaxed fit - they are a little baggy, but I wanted that look so wear a fitted top to balance it out. I went for R length as the S length was cropped and I honestly don’t have long legs!

I think you’re younger than me by your pic, (I’m 60) but White Co now have size 4 in many items, so they’re also nice and small, although the leg length is quite long, but maybe worth a try.

Hope you find something that works for you! x