How do I style paperbag leather trousers?

Hello! :blush:

I’ve got these pair of Magda black paperbag leather trousers, they cost me a pretty penny, so I’m trying to maximize my usage. (Need to get the cost-per-wear down!) I’ve been styling them with tight/bodycon type tops and heels, but I was wondering what else I could style them with? I’m worried that I’ll look frumpy if I pair them with chunky boots or a loose top… Any styling advice??


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I love my paperbag leathers. I’d say you can definitely dress down too. It’s nice to see some ankle so I’d pair with some trainers and a chunkier jumper. Just tuck the front a little so you can still see your waist.
Hope that helps

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A chic white shirt or a simple white t -shirt with some loafers or trainers x