How to know what you want when you're 20 (and how to get it)

Hi Georgie,
I know people ask you for career advice all the time and I shall add to that list. I’ve read some of your interviews and see that you went to Edinburgh Uni- I am studying here now (and its wonderful). I’m interested in knowing how you knew what you wanted to do in the first place… especially with Edinburgh (the culture now, at least) being very academic. I’m feeling a little as if the only was to succeed is to enter a career more STEM/ banking focused but that is not what I want because I study linguistics and I love it, and I also can’t imagine working somewhere that I can’t wear metallic jeans to the office. :joy: So, how did you know what you wanted when you graduated? Did you always know what you wanted? And what could you recommend me doing now (I am in second year) to help propel me into the fashion/ journalism industry?
sorry for the ramble

Thanks x

I think you can achieve success in many industries. If you are hungry, motivated and ambitious, success is not confined to a career in STEM or the financial world. One of my cleverest peers at university was Jules Perowne who studied history, I remember she was incredibly bright, and has gone on to be probably the most successful woman in travels and comms in the UK right now. She’s done great things and is there to prove that a career in PR can lead to real success both in terms of life achievement and in financial happiness. To someone of your age, I would say try as many things as you can, ask the right questions, try and understand the business models behind successful businesses, try and be commercially savvy… When you combine that with something that you truly love and are passionate about, I think you can achieve great things. gx