How to style a tuxedo blazer

Hi! I’ve just bought two tuxedo blazers! Both double breasted, one black velvet, one traditional suiting fabric. Which do you think is the most versatile? Can anyone give me some great styling ideas? I’m just really debating how much wear i will get out of either one

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A classic tux is so versatile. Great with wide leg black trousers or denim, love over a mini dress and tights, or with a silk/satin long skirt.

Hi, I think the normal style will be useful to you all year round whereas the velvet is more specific to this time of year. So if I were to chose which one will get the most wear, I would say the traditional style, as much as I love the velvet styles too.

Literally anything! Dress down with wide leg jeans, or throw over dresses/ skirts. Would look lovely with some trousers in a similar colour way too