How to work at Sheerluxe ;)

Hello! I’d love to hear from you all how best to work somewhere like Sheerluxe (which judging by the number of times I post on here, I am clearly obsessed with!) I am currently in travel PR but would love to get editorial experience - any thoughts on how to go about this? Thanks in advance.

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I think portfolio is key here, depending on what you want to do start practising (ie writing articles as if you were part of the team, or work on content creation, create features/articles with imagery and copy) and add these things to your portfolio - it’s so important to show what you can do. I think people often underestimate how much these visual things can help employers see what you’re like as a creative/writer/employee.

This will also show that even though you might not have started in this industry, you’re passionate about it and want to be part of it.

And then start sending your CV/portfolio out, even if companies haven’t advertised, add a paragraph about why you want to work for them and why you’re so keen to change direction.

Hope this helps x

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I think people forget there’s more to a business like SL than just writing or doing social media or design. We also have a finance arm, marketing department and a commercial sales team. The crucial thing is to identify what you’re good at and hone that particular skill. It’s all about trying to be the ‘expert’ in something i.e. the best food writer, the best asset designer, the best TikToker, the best book keeper and then selling that specialism to a potential employer. You want to make them believe you’re indispensable.