In my running gal era

So I’m finally entering my running girl era and would love to hear your recommendations for cool / fun running gear. I love colour and cool silhouettes so I’m not shy to experiment. Would also love some things that would work well this autumn in the cold & wet weather.


Hoka trainers are good quality and come in really nice, bright colours! x

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I also wear Hoka Trainers.
For jazzy clothing Tikiboo are great, look out for 30% sales too.

Thank you!!!

I love Varley for athleisure but it’s more neutral & understated. Great pieces for layering! Excellent quality too

Sweaty Betty is great for quality pieces and always does some fun colours. If you’re looking for winter running gear, the Thermaboost running leggings are essential!

Also recommend the On running gear, as well as Vuori (the fabrics are so soft) and Free People also worth a look for fun designs! x

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I also like Lululemon they have some good colourful options, especially in lilac!–d-cups/prod9030660.html?dwvar_prod9030660_color=55841