Indian / Mexican casual dining in London

Hi all. What are the best recommendations for Indian and Mexican places in London?

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Hello! Some suggestions here…

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I love El Pastor for Mexican, one of my fave restaurants in London, And Silka in borough - so delish! Both in Borough x

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The Tandoor Chop House in Covent Garden is a hidden gem! Love it there,

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I love Dishoom & Kricket for Indian & agree El Pastor is awesome.

Kricket and Fatt Pundit (Indo Chinese) both so good! Also Gymkhana if you want something higher end, although I haven’t been in many years so hope it’s still good!

Indian / Fusion:
Tandoor Chophouse
Paradise in Soho
Fat Punditt

KOL - hands down the best mexican in London, but I would say for special occasions
El Pastor
Santo Remedio

Madera at Treehouse for Mexican