Inn with rooms/hotel/AirBnB near Charleston or Lewes

Hi there - I am planning to go to Charleston (huge fan of '20s / Bloomsbury Set!) in October for a night, with my mum. Ideally combine with Lewes or similar / nice country area in Sussex nearby.
There seems limited nice accommodation in Lewes/near Charleston. Does anyone have any tips, or suggest a better combination than with Lewes to base ourselves in and find somewhere good to stay?
Thank you!

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Have you tried The Ram Inn in Lewes? It’s a lovely pub with rooms that might have space for your dates!


Great idea, it looks lovely. Thanks so much, it’s on the shortlist : )

Was about to suggest The Ram Inn, it’s one of my favourite pubs and is really close to Charleston. I’m actually going to Charleston myself in a few weeks! So many good things on in the next month or so!

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Thanks so much! Good to have you’re trusted seal of approval xxxx

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No problem! x