Investment bag

Should I invest in a larger, practical tote bag, or a small, crossbody style bag?

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I personally use my crossbodys far more than a big tote bag as I will take a crossbody for everyday and use in the evenings. I think I would rather have an understated tote to carry things alongside a chic crossbody!

I would definitely consider which you would use the most!
Day to day, during Spring/Summer, and generally at the moment I find I use larger bags more than a cross body, so if I were investing now I would personally choose a larger bag, like a tote or a larger sized hand bag.

I personally think it depends the occasion you’d want it for
If you’re a laptop person who needs a tote to bring it to work everyday, then perhaps investing in a bag for work that fits a laptop makes more sense.

However if you want something that just holds the essentials to throw your keys, phone wallet etc in and that you take out on the weekends - then a smaller bag makes more sense.

I think like the others have said, think about what you’d use more - and have a look at the styles you prefer.

I’d personally invest in a crossbody as I have a tone of totes from the high street and canvas-style ones I love using for my laptop/taking to work - so a crossbody was worth the investment for me x