Iron Supplement

My iron levels came back ‘OK’ under the NHS guidelines but the GP said I’m on the lower end of the scale and it should be much higher than it is. Can anyone recommend any good iron supplements? Thank you x


I take Spatone: Natural Iron Supplement | Spatone Liquid Iron

It’s really gentle and kind on the stomach, unlike many other iron supps!

It’s also worth considering lifestyle tweaks - e.g. pairing iron with vitamin C on your plate and cutting back on intense cardio. Explained here!



I love this one:

it’s a complex mixed with vitamin c so it’s super gentle on the stomach, I always have it with meals x

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I found this really helpful a few years ago (Vitabiotics Feroglobin Liquid) but I agree with Tor that lifestyle changes made the biggest difference. I used to be out 5 nights a week and hitting the treadmill most days. I was quite underweight back then and it wasn’t great…!

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Hey Jess, I also have low iron levels so I take iron supplements that you can get over the counter at most pharmacies (ferrous fumarate) which contain 210mg of iron, which is a lot stronger than most supplements!

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I’m not a GP but when someone I know was struggling with low levels, I know they were told that vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron. So wash down your spinach and steak with a glass of orange juice!

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A few years ago i had severe anemia and had to have a blood transfusion so i have some experience trying different things. The tablets the doctors give you are terrible for your stomach but i found Spa Tone from Boots or Amazon brilliant and also look up ‘Lucky iron fish’ - i made a lot of chillis etc using my slow cooker making sure i had my lucky iron fish in there for extra iron :slight_smile:

Like Tor, I also take Spatone and definitely recommend. You can buy it from Amazon. It comes in small liquid sachets (you take one a day). The apple flavour is very similar tasting to apple juice.

I love the iron spray by Better You - it bypasses your digstive system so much more gentle on your tummy and so convenient to carry around with you. I made the fatal mistake of trying a quick fix and getting a IV iron infusion 2 years ago after becoming very anaemic. It made me very ill for months and I have even had to start taking thyroid hormones as it wrecked my thyroid function. It never pays to take the short cut, rather use the best supplements combined with a diet rich in heme iron (meat rather than plant) washed down with some vitamin c.