ISO: Porto recommendations

JUNE 23 - I am planning a trip to Porto with girlfriends for a long weekend. Sights to see, places to stay, restaurants and bar recommendations most welcome

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I went in March and it was great fun. I’d recommend:

Mercado do Bolhão - great food market
Flor dos Congregados - beautiful hidden gem of a restaurant, small so I’d recommend booking in advance
The Garden Cafe was SO good for breakfast and lunches - sometimes a queue but worth the wait
Confeitaria do Bolhão - supposedly the best natas in Porto and I have to agree (having tried a lot!)
Santo Italian restaurant was really nice for something a bit more chill

I’d definitely recommend a Port tour. There are loads. We did the Burmester one which was good but we also booked last minute so there might be better ones out there.

Livrario Lello is known as one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world. Quite busy inside and you pay to get in (which you can then redeem against a book) but if you like books/reading/bookshops it’s a must!


Thank you @Jordan much appreciated