Italy Holiday Suggestions

Wanting to book a weeks holiday for summer, but finding it hard to narrow down a location that has a bit of night life and great beaches.

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Umbria is just fab! Open spaces but gorgeous small towns. Orvieto and surrounding areas are lovely also.

A little bit off the beaten track, but I had a great holiday with friends to Bologna, Ravenna and Modena – it was really fun and relaxed and there were some nice places by the coast.

Otherwise, I’d go to Sicily!

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I’d also recommend Ischia! It’s about 50 minutes from Naples by ferry but feels secluded and far less touristy than some of the surrounding areas.

Lucca is beautiful and can easily be paired with a few days on the beach - try Forte dei Marmi if you’re looking for nightlife.

I also highly recommend L’Andana - it’s inland (a couple of hours by car from Rome airport) but is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever stayed! Gorgeous pools and is super close to the beach (Castiglione della Pescaia)


Absolutely agree with Luca and so easy from Pisa. Ideal if you have longer to do with Florence / sienna too. Every. Hint in Luca there is a Puccini concert too, early evening so it’s ideal pre dinner.

Bologna is fabulous. I’ve just booked cinque terre for a short break end of March… any tips gratefully received!

I live in Rome, Italy and this past summer went to the island of Capri with my family. It is beautiful out there. The food was good, their beaches are nice, and there is definitely a night life out there. The women and men are dress elegant at night either walking around the city center of Capri taking in the atmosphere or having a drink at one of the local cafes. There is definitely a classy and elegant vibe out there during the day and night.