Jeans help!

size 10, athletic build but feel frumpy and “big” in looser jeans so usually stick to skinny’s but feel increasingly uncool. Any suggestions for a half way house?

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Me + Em do good denim / quite half way house!
I like a crop straight leg instead of a skinny

This style is also good but keep them long or looks dated


I think a straight leg would be the perfect medium between a slightly more “current” look that isnt overly baggy or fitted either.
here are a few styles that could work:


Sapna mentioned Good American - they are great for less trend led and more flattering styles. I love the split hem style available at Reiss…
Frame at Net-A-Porter - they have most styles/ cuts imaginable but always in cool washes and more seasonal shapes.
And for something really affordable, I know so many people - of varying shapes, sizes and ages - who swear by Zara’s Marine jeans.

For something a bit looser than skinny jeans, I really love the 70s straight leg styles by RE/DONE. They are an investment pair but I personally find the comfort/fit/quality worth it. I always keep an eye on the sales on Net-A-Porter and Matches as they are often a great opportunity to get a brand like this for a more affordable price.