Jordan Recommendations

Hi! I am visiting Jordan for a few days between Christmas and New Year. I’ve never been before so any recommendations of things to do, places to eat, etc, would be a huge help! I currently only have Petra and the Dead Sea on my list. Thanks!


Wow, I’ve always wanted to visit Petra!

Some nice recommendations here:

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Me too! Petra has been on my list for a long time, so excited to finally visit! Thanks so much for the recs x

I went in the pre-covid era and it remains one of the best trips I’ve taken.

As you’re planning to be there for a few days, Petra is a must and it might be an idea to stay overnight there too as it’ll be a fun but exhausting day with all the trekking involved. Plus, staying over will give you the option to return to the Khazna in Petra once darkness descends…it really is a sight to behold under all the candlelights!

Wadi Rum is also breathtaking and whilst my itinerary didn’t include an overnight stay, I am told that I missed out on a magical night under the stars which included an authentic foodie experience.

If you have time, the ancient city of Jerash, not far from Amman, has some of the best preserved roman ruins so is worth a half-day trip.

The hospitality wherever you go will be good so options for food will be plentiful. Probably the best hospitality and food I experienced was at the Reem Albawadi Restaurant in Amman…we were treated like royalty!

Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure it’ll be an amazing trip.

Happy travels!


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Amazing recommendations, thank you so much! x