Last Minute Family Trip To Broadstairs!

Hi all,

I’m off to Broadstairs this weekend with my family for a 30th anniversary present to my parents!

I’ve left it very last minute as per, and haven’t booked a single restaurant/things to do, help!

Would love any suggestions for things to do in the day, places to eat, things to see?

I love the idea of walking around to Margate too!

Thanks so much!


For something really special Stark is a small restaurant which recently won a Michelin star! Otherwise I’ve heard great things about Wyatt & Jones.

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Oo both look delicious, thanks so much!

We had lunch at Kebbells when I went with a group of friends earlier this year and it was DELICIOUS. Definitely walk around the coast to Margate - really easy to do and there’s loads of places there to mooch around. You can also walk in the other direction to Ramsgate and there’s a bus that links all three if you don’t fancy the walk back.

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I’ve heard great things about the new Fort Road Hotel:

Maybe a nice brunch/drink/dinner? xx

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Margate is great – definitely try and book into Sargasso for a nice lunch:

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