Less formal birthday drinks venues in London

Hi all,

Looking for a little inspiration - I’m trying to find a space for afternoon drinks and some light bites in London (West or can be Central, ideally), for my boyfriend’s birthday in November, and nowhere is quite fitting the bill. Basically we just want a table for 8 where people can come and go, rather than a set menu and sit down meal. Below is where I’ve tried so far, to give you an idea of the wheelhouse:

The Pelican - can only do a set menu and everyone would need to arrive at one time
Gold - a possibility but likely again everyone would need to arrive at same time
Franks at Maison Francois - not open until 5pm
310 Portobello (Straker’s/Pelican pop up) - unsure if they’re still running in November

Any help, I’d be super grateful - I have a great mental rolodex for restaurants for a formal sit down meal, but pubs/casual drinks is proving a little harder!

Thanks so much,

A x


How about The Cow or Princess Royal in Notting Hill? A posh-ish pub should fit the bill if you want something more causal where people can come and go as they please.



Thank you Heather! Funnily enough these were both on my list - love The Cow, it’s a great shout <3

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Our wine bar - amie wine studio - is perfect for hosting casual birthday drinks. You can do a ‘group booking’ on our large centre table, and people can come and go as they please. We offer our range of wines, along with beer and non-alc options. We have Torres truffle crisps and Perello olives for light nibbles. Email studio@drinkamie.com if you’re interested! xo