London venue for "treat" dinner and drinks out

I have been invited to out in London one evening for dinner and drinks by my boss as a thank you for a very hard working year! No budget restraints! Easy reach of Waterloo station so not too far N, S, E or W. I am vegetarian (not vegan) and love a great cocktail!

Seabird at the Hoxton is great for special occasions Seabird Rooftop Restaurant in Southwark | The Hoxton, Southwark

If you are looking for a ‘blow the budget’ experiece, then the tasting menu at Restaurant Story is a winner

or for somewhere slightly more casual - Bala Baya in Southwark has a great atmosphere, a mix of veggie options & really nice cocktails.

Amazing, thank you so much, Channant!

What a lovely dilemma! If budget isn’t an option and you’re after something central, I’d book somewhere like Spring, Bibendum, A Wong or Noble Rot (there’s now one in Soho, so not far from Waterloo!).

Thank you so much Heather!