Looking for a cool, spooky Halloween Tee 👻🎃

Any suggestions for a cool, funky Halloween inspired tee ?
Something a bit sparkly or edgy, around £50 budget,
Many Thanks


How about this one from Saint + Sofia:

Or this one from All Saints, not Halloween as such, but has a gothic look:


Or this one slightly over budget, by Paul Smith at Flannels:


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Love love love the All Saints one! Thank you!

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If you want something fun that you’ll be able to wear again when it’s not Halloween, I got a Vampire’s Wife tee in the sale. This is a fun one with a spooky edge!

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Thank you! Great option!

I bought something very similar to this for fancy dress recently in Claire’s Accessories. I can’t see it online but worth looking in store. It was a fraction of the price

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