Looking for a faux fur wrap to wear at my Winter Wedding!

I am looking for a faux fur wrap to wear at my winter wedding in November. Don’t want to spend too much as I have already gone overly budget on the shoes/dress. Etsy has loads but it’s hard to tell if they will just look really cheap… help please!

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JJ’s House seem to have quite a few reasonably priced faux fur wedding wraps

The higher priced ones look like they could be better quality but hard to tell until you see it in person

I’ve not shopped with them myself but know their return policy is a little different from most high street stores so make sure you read this before buying anything!

Alternatively, as you’re a few months out you may also want to consider having one made. Most fabric stores online do samples which shouldn’t usually cost more than £1 + postage

Get your bridesmaids working and delegate this task to one of them :slight_smile: