Looking for Suggestions for a trip next Summer to St Tropez

I am going to St Tropez and the surrounding villages for a month next summer and would love to find out and get some recommendations for both mainstream and only known to locals kind of places. I’d love to find out about beaches, bakeries, tucked away restaurants everything possible to have a real immersive experience as a local. Love to hear your ideas :white_heart:

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For a really speical meal / evening book dinner at Château De La Messardière which looks stunning!

Byblos Beach is one of the swankiest beach clubs if you want to live it up! Be prepared to spend ££ though! I’ve also heard great things about Gigi, a relatively new restaurant overlooking the sea.

If you have time it’s also worth spending a day or two in Cassis (about 2 hours away) which is equally beautiful but more affordable and chilled.