Lululemon Align Leggings

I want to purchase a pair of these as have heard such great things, I’m just not sure about which size to go for? Does anyone know if these run large/small/true to size? I am usually a size S and 8 but sometimes a 10 and I’m not sure to go for a 4 or a 6?


I have two pairs of Aligns - obsessed! I am between an 8-10 and buy a Lululemon 6. I’d say they run slightly big but the 6 is perfect for me. I’d also say they are long so you may want to consider the smaller size if you are shorter. I’m 5ft7 for reference and even when I pull them up to just below my bra stap there’s still a bit of fabric at the ankle. SUPER comfy though, you won’t regret it! x

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Thanks @TorWest :slight_smile:

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They sound great - can you get them in different lengths or just one length?

6 will fit well! They have good stretch and mold to your shape anyway.
I think there’s a 25 and 28 length so depends on your height / how crop you like them x


I LOVE the Aligns, I would size down for optimum stretch & comfort. I am 5ft3 inches and have a size 6, usually a size 8.

Yes! There are two different lengths. I have the longer 28’ style but there’s a 25’ too x