MAC Concrete eyeshadow discontinued: near matches?

Hi there, any tips for a near match for the RIP MAC eyeshadow inConcrete? Is Coquette similar or any tips of alternatives from other brands…?
Thanks as ever you fonts of knowledge xxxx

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So frustrating when this happens! This is a close match though: Matte Eye Colour - Crease-Proof Eyeshadow | Laura Mercier

And they have brilliant textures that are easy to work with x

Thanks @Rebecca_Hull !
Sorry, which shade did you think best? It seems to link to a peach colour. Concrete was more of a dark taupy brown.
Thanks again so much!!

Hey! So Concrete was discontinued as Coquette (still going) has the same undertone. The only subtle difference is that coquette is lighter in depth. This just means that with a more compact application, you can get the same result as Concrete xx

Thanks Sarah! That’s super helpful, I thought Coquette looked similar bit online so hard to tell. Really appreciate your help xxxx