Marrakech 4-day itinerary

I’m going to Marrakech for 4 days soon. Does anyone have any recommendations of must see sights, restaurants to visit, nightlife, places to stay, day trips/activities - literally anything! I want to make the most out of my short time there so any help is greatly appreciated.

Also how did you find your time there, is there anything I should avoid doing or equally ensure that I do.

Thank you x

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Jardin Majorelle-Yves Saint Laurent Mansion would definitely recommend.
I’d recommend going to the centre Jemaa and see it turn from day to night, it suddenly changes to lots of food stalls & street entertainment early evening. Lots of the cafes overlook the square. We sat above in a cafe observing the square as you have a great view before walking around to try different stalls.

That sounds amazing, I’ll definitely add that in!

Hi Emily,

I love Marrakech. We stayed at the Villa Des Oranges where they had a breakfast and lunch was included in our stay. We didnt think we would take advantage of the lunch but we did and it was fabulous. The perfect place to return to after a morning of sightseeing and taking 5 before venturing out again in the afternoons.
We also did their hammam spa experience, which was absolutely amazing and highly recommend it.
The hotel had recommended a few places for us to eat at which were all fantastic:

  1. Bo-Zin for dressy, clubby vibey dinner/ after dinner drinks- requires a cab and its about a 15-20 min drive what feels like out of town- but it was worth it. Ask for your hotel to arrange a transfer there and back for safety reasons.
  2. El Fenn for casual
  3. La Mamounia Hotel for peppermint tea and walk around their gardens and hotel. We visited in the afternoon/ early dinner and they had a live jazz band.
  4. Nomad for rooftop brunch overlooking the square/ medina.
  5. Comptoir Darna- perfect for a touristy vibe but the food was delicious and the service and live belly dancing was fun!
  6. Le Jardins Du Lotus- instagrammable, fun, south american fusion with morrocan fayre and absolutely lovely.

Have fun!

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There are some nice recommendations in this thread:

Thank you!

We had an amazing driver recommended by our villa provider - you can find him on instagram at @belmadani_tours. He was very professional, and drives a clean, air con-ed Mercedes people carrier so ideal if there’s a group of you.