Matcha! Recipe and equipment/cups!

Does anyone have an amazing recipe for a oat milk matcha ideally with collagen creamer? Also any recommends for matcha cups and any other equipment required? Just left the city and matchas aren’t a thing here :weary:

Thanks so much in advance!


I love matcha! I’ve been using a Zwilling milk frother to make mine. You can add everything in, hit the button and it warms and mixes everything together – and you can decide how frothy is it.


Oh and if you fancy treating yourself, look at Workshop’s range of lovely ceramic mugs!

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thanks so much Heather - ordering the frother now! But what are all the ingredients i need to add though?!

I just use matcha powder and oat milk – but you could definitely add a collagen powder too. You can also add a smidge of honey or agave if you like yours a bit sweeter.

1 Like - tea pigs have a matcha collection! They are great. Have you ever tried matcha with coconut milk? I find it sweetens it a bit! It’s my favourite combo - thanks to Pret! The rude health coconut milk is lovely x

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This is my favourite matcha and my favourite collagen creamer

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I had to devise my own, as I now live in the country and it is like finding green gold around here!


½ tsp of matcha.
Make sure ceremonial not culinary for highest quality.

1 tsbp collagen creamer – I use Dose and Co Dairy Free Vanilla option.

2-3 drops of vanilla Stevia.


Put ½ tsp of matching into your mug or glass chawan bowl and add a little boiling water. Whilst until frothy and dissolved.

Add in your preferred collagen powder to the match and stir to combine.

Top your mug up to desired level and add vanilla stevia if required.

Stir and enjoy.

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