Maternity Leave - Back to work dread

I’m only three months into my maternity leave. Love having the time with my baby BUT I already have work dread. I work in media and feel like I can’t even ask for 4 days or reduce hours over 5 days. Im one of those who hasn’t found their “thing” so I’m not even sure media is the right place for me anyway. Im 35, too late for a career change or stick with media until the baby is a little older? EKKKKK all of the questions! Advice welcome :pray:t3:

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It’s so hard and you haven’t been a new mum for long so it’s all still so new…
Everyone is different but I decided to go freelance instead going back full time as I wanted the flexibility and I found childcare to be very expensive - although that’s not necessarily easier either as the work is unpredictable and I found my self working a lot in the evening.
One thing is you may find that there are lots of mums also on mat leave who might have advice to share about their industries? I know quite a few who saw maternity leave as a chance to re-evaluate their careers and some chose to make a switch. 35 isn’t too old for a change, but I think you need good support around you to make a career change and look after a new baby…
I hope that helps and good luck xx

Firstly, congratulations! I hope you’re enjoying life with a little one and at this stage I’d really try not to overthink the return to work too much. It’s a huge change personally juggling life with a new human so go easy on yourself before making any big work decisions at this stage. Although I would say all your feelings are totally normal for any new mum and I bet if you ask around others in the same situation, they’re probably having the exact same thoughts.
Use this time to look at your options and work out the pros and cons of both. I definitely don’t think 35 is too late for a career change! It’s just whether you want to add that all in whilst juggling early motherhood at the same time…
Good luck! I’m sure youl’l make the right decision