Maternity Leave

Finding out you’re pregnant is the best thing ever but then realising you only get 5 months of paid leave :astonished:

How did some of you take the full year off without pay?
Any resources or ideas on how I can still be off for a year without my salary - I don’t want to go back before a year?

Sorry motherhood, pregnancy it’s all new to me so keen to hear everyone’s thoughts/tips whilst we navigate this time.


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Lots of resources here Preparing Your Finances For A Baby - My Bump Pay.

Hope that helps a bit.

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I feel your pain! I was lucky and got 9 months of paid leave, it decreased each month then I had the last couple of months after that unpaid.
We were fortunate enough to save a lump sum for us to use whilst I was off on maternity so if you are able, I would recommend saving a little while you are still on full pay. Every little helps!

I know you asked about taking maternity leave BUT when you return to work, I highly recommend the government tax-free childcare scheme. Basically you pay in your childcare bill (via bank transfer) and the gov tops it up. You can then pay your childcare provider via the gov portal. It has saved us lots of money! For every £8 you pay in, the government top it up by £2.
Here is the link with the info:

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Thank you both appreciate it muchly