Men’s Leather Bag for Special Birthday

I’d like to buy a leather travel / overnight bag for my partner for his 40th - ideally personalised. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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TUMI do great travel bags and offer personalisation

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Aspinal of London and Smythson do great leather overnight bags and offer personalisation - great as a 40th gift!

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This bag is genius! They do a small and a large version. Shipping from the USA, though, unless they have a UK stockist…

Yes agree with looking at Smythson, I also think Mulberry is a great for this and Not On The High Street has lots of personalised options.

If you’re open to an alternative to leather, the RAINS overnight bags are such great quality and really affordable - Rains® Hilo Weekend Bag in Navy for £79 | No Custom Duty

How about Away?

Pickett also great for more traditional options: