Mental health apps for tweens/teens

What are the best apps to help older children with mental health issues like anxiety or stress? There are so many for adults but I’d love to hear about ones specifically designed for 10-16 year olds

I have heard good things about Tellmi! and Feeling Good ( Headspace also has meditation for children (the ones for adults are also suitable for older children), especially if they are struggling with their sleep. And while not exactly an app, the Sensate device is a game-changer if you struggle with stress and anxiety. It’s a pebble-like device that sits on your chest and gently vibrates in tandem to relaxing music/beats via the app - the vibrations help tone the vagus nerve, the biggest nerve in the body that’s closely linked to the nervous system and our stress response. Sounds odd but it couldn’t be easier to use (like meditation but doing all the work for you) and it’s so soothing, I can imagine it’d be lovely for an older teen! Meet Sensate - your key to calm | Sensate

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Headspace is a fantastic app to encourage more stillness and practise meditation, the free version can become quite repetitive so I advise unlocking the subscription if they enjoy the free trial. 10/10!