Miami Thrift/Vintage Shopping

Is Miami good for vintage shopping, thrifting? Where should we go? Do we need a car? Want to pick up some 70s style Kaftans, and silky beach pieces - think colourful and extra!

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Sorry I don’t have any personal recs but I often see thrifting videos on Tiktok and Youtube - think it would be good to have a search for the term miami thrifting on those platforms


I was in Miami with my teenage daughters in Oct. We went to a huge thrift warehouse / store. We did get a taxi there - which ironically cost c$60 - but my daughters got some really good bargains. Great for jeans (eg Levi’s) and Gant, Bloomingdale’s, Ralph Lauren jumpers. You do really need to sift through and there are no changing rooms.

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Super - do you know what it was called x

I checked with my daughters and it was Red White & Blue thrift store Best Miami Thrift Store | Red, White & Blue Thrift Store | North Miami, FL

Have fun!

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