Mother's Guilt!

Do you have any advice on managing mother’s guilt? It’s so hard to do everything well and so often I feel like I’m dropping the ball for something at home, whether I miss a school event due to work, or I’ve fallen behind on a deadline due to home commitments. Can you ever do it all without feeling guilty?

You are not alone! We are all always behind on something. I try to remind myself that building my career is just as much for my children as it is for me. It’s important to show our little ones that we are trying our best but that we are not perfect and life is about constant prioritisation.

Some practical tips that I find helpful are not to compare yourself. Parenting styles are like apples and oranges. Everyone’s parenting styles are completely different and comparison will only make you feel worse.

Constantly remind yourself of the bigger goal, why are you working so hard that it means you may miss something from time to time? Focusing on the bigger picture can help. Remind yourself that you can’t be there for everything but you will always do everything you can to be there for the important things.