Nail polish or gels?

What brands are best for polish or gel nails?
If you use polish- how do you stop it from chipping?
Thanks x


I’m such a gel gal - I pretty much always get OPI gel and find it lasts well on my nails and is soft to remove so doesn’t damage my nails when getting taken off x

I had my first biosculpture mani last week andi 'm obsessed - i find gel chips quite easily for me but these are so long lasting and my nails have already grown loads in a week x

My biosculpture gel mani lasted for over 4 weeks without a chip last time I had them done!
But when I take a break from gel and use normal polish I make sure I use base coat, and I highly recommend the seche vite top coat. Dries really fast and make your nails look very glossy (they feel like gel to me)

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Thank you! X

I am still a lover of regular polish! I love the ones by Kure Bazaar - they are gentle, give amazing shine and last for ages. I occasionally love a gel and agree with the above on Bio Sculpture. Always get them removed professionally, otherwise your nails just stay chipped and looking / feeling rough for weeks. x

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Also it’s a bit more, but the Chanel top coat gives a plumped gel effect - so good

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this is the best for regular polish!

ditto totally converted to biosculpture!

for DIY gels we really rate 14daymanicure gx

Thank you for all of the replies! X

I usually get biosculpture but am travelling a lot atm so having to do my own nails and have been using The Manicurist. So far really impressed! Doesn’t chip like normal polish and has the same shine as gel, only downside is takes ages to try so each manicure is around 1hr x

I do gel powder with shellac on top and it lasts at least a month! I found gel only started peeling off after 10 days! x

Between gels/shellacs I use OPI Infinite Shine. It is a blend of normal polish and gel technology, stays on longer than normal polish and gives your nails a break too!