New Book Recommendations

I just finished The Marriage Portrait by Maggie O’Farrell, such a beautiful read, highly recommend! x

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I have The End We Start From by Megan Hunter on my list and also recommend Magpie by Elizabeth Day if you like an unnerving read

I’ve just started Double Blind

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The Richard Osman ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ series of novels are a fun and lovely read.


I really enjoyed City of Girls
Not too heavy but enough depth to not feel vapid! x

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I LOVED The Paper Palace!


Notes on Heartbreak by Annie Lord is amazing!

If you’re interested in human behaviour - this is fanastic read

I have just inhaled the William Warwick series by Jeffrey Archer. They are his latest books - clever crime stories, but nothing gruesome, just a right good yarn, and my husband and teenage son enjoyed them equally as much as me.

Not new books, but I have just finished reading all 3 books in ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy by Philip Pullman after watching it on telly with my husband and 2 sons a while ago. I am completely hooked and going to order the 2 prequels of ‘The Book of Dust’ next!


Blood Orange By Harriet Tyce was good


My favourites! I read them as they came out, but they’re just as good re-reading them as an adult!

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I just devoured and utterly loved, ‘I Fear My Pain Interests You’ by Stephanie LaCava

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Highly recommend , Bringing Down the Duke , by Evie Dunmore , the first book in the “ league of extraordinary women” brilliant read with lots of interesting, information on the, suffragette movement, but a spicy romance too , this book is all about, Annabelle & Sebastian will they won’t they romance, there is 2 more books , A rouge of one’s own , portrait of a Scotland , really enjoyed the first two books, read them over a weekend, absolutely unputdownable in my opinion, it’s not all ooh and ahh there is an actual story!!! :star::star::star::star::star:

Milan Kundera ‘The Joke’

Haruki Murakami ’ South of the Border, West of the Sun’

Elena Ferrante ‘The Lying Life of Adults’

Lessons in Chemistry is sheer joy.

Not sure if this has already been discovered by the masses but I have just finished ‘The Hearts Invisible Furies’ by John Boyne which just blew me away. Following the life of Cyril which is equally heartbreaking and joyous with parts that genuinely make you laugh out loud. Initially when I saw how long the book was I had concerns (!) but it’s one of those books you’re sad to leave.

Here are some books I’ve read in one sitting:

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone - Lori Gottlieb

Poison for Breakfast - Daniel Handler
(this is not a kids’ book. don’t be fooled!)

Then she was gone - Lisa Jewell

Anything by Janice Hallet !

Book chat followers in general - and for those taking part in the SL Bookclub, some podcasts I like and get some good tips from include:

Book Chat with Pandora Sykes

You’re Booked with Daisy Buchanan - brilliant for tips!

Waterstones podcast


Separate but overlaps with books is Sentimental Garbage (LOVE it!) with Caroline O’Donoghue

@heathersteele @Gblaskey maybe a future guests on your Bookclub pod editions could include Pandora Sykes, Daisy B. and Caronline O?

S x

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