New Years Eve Dinner Party

Hi All! Looking for menu inspiration for a New Years Eve dinner party. Fish for the main course but I’m struggling to find recipes for the season that can be well prepped with little do do when I’m in NYE and hosting mode! Many thanks :slight_smile:

Last year, my sister and I made haggis bon bons - they went down a treat and can be prepped before hand and heated up when people arrive! Can be made with veggie haggis too.

Also if you want to keep the scottish theme going we also made Irn Bru margs and they were very popular!


These clementine possets are a great desert and can be prepped the day before… I made them a few weeks ago and they were a crowd pleaser & super simple! recipe here: Clementine Posset Recipe | olivemagazine

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Baked feta with honey and chilli and some nice sourdough is always a crowd pleaser! So easy, too.

Grab a bit of feta, cover with olive oil, honey, chilli flakes and salt and pepper. Wrap the whole thing in baking paper and put in the middle of the oven for around 25-30 minutes. Then just allow your guests to dip in the feta with some crusty sour dough or something of the like.