Newborn essentials & pushchair recommendations!

Hi everyone! I’m currently pregnant with my first baby and would love to know what products everyone couldn’t be without as a first time mum? Also, if anyone has any pushchair recommendations then let me know. We live in Cornwall so I need quite a robust pram that can deal with different terrains - plus a big basket. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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The Bugaboo Fox is meant to be brilliant. For tougher terrains, Mountain Buggy and Out & About are worth a look.

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It’s a wonderful journey, but it can get overwhelming sometimes - this market for baby products is extremely saturated, so I always do my research, read reviews and try to seek for genuine advice too :blush:

Here are some products that helped us and worked really well for quite a long time:

  • Baby nest/pod (Sleepyhead Deluxe for example).
  • Nursing pillow (Asda) and lanolin nipple balm (Lansinoh), if you’re planning to breastfeed.
  • Baby bath support/hammock (Amazon).
  • Teether ring/toy (Sophie la girafe).
  • Water wipes for your baby and your favourite uplifting body lotion for yourself! :hugs:

We had Venicci Soft 3in1 Travel System as it was nicely designed with many useful accessories and good value for money (at that moment at least). Proper quality inflatable tyres worked well for us as we used to go on forest trail walks A LOT during them lockdowns…

Hope it helps somehow… Wish you all the best!

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Congratulations! My essentials were (and some still are!)
Tommee Tippee sleeping bags
Tommee Tippee Groegg room thermometer and nightlight
LOADS of muslins- Aden and Anais do some really beautiful ones but I got lots of mine from supermarket brands!
Schnuggle baby bath
Also highly recommend the Lanolin nipple balm.

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the Tommee Tippee milk prep machine is FAB.
there was a great list from a mat nurse on the Parenting Show Special - I thought she had some good ideas! gx

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I’ve just bought the Bugaboo Fox 3 as it came highly recommended for being robust and having lots of space. They just launched the 5 so the 3 is on sale in lots of places! Nuna and Uppababy were also recommended a lot.

Some other products i’ve been recommended a lot are:

  • Doona car seat
  • Snuzpod for a bedside crib
  • Babybjorn bouncer


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