On paper it looks like you have achieved it all. How did you do it?

Successful career, kids, motherhood, balance. How do you do it all?

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Super kind of you! Thank you.

A few things have helped me. Over the years I’ve gotten really clear on what I do and don’t want. I have been very vocal about working in a supportive but hardworking environment. It’s something that is super important to me. I believe in working where I can flourish. Alongside that I have had lot of mentors and people championing me.

I have had to work hard but also work smart. I’m a big believer in asking for clarity on what success looks like in each role that I take on. As I’ve worked hard I’ve documented my achievements. When I feel that I have strong and consistent track record I reflect on those achievements and shape what else I can do that brings value to the business I.e ask for more responsibility/promotion. This helps me to craft the next role I would like to do.

Lastly I don’t do it all. I have lots of support from family, friends, school ad hoc nannies. It has taken a village and a half not to mention many failures and disappointments along the way.

I hope this helps I’ve really tried to break it down as much as I can in my book. The Blend.

So helpful - thank you :blush:. Going to check out your book x

You are so incredibly welcome!