Outfits for Wimbledon

Looking for outfit inspo for Wimbledon. Just found out we have members ticket so need to adhere to the dress code too! Want something that is cute for the day but can brave the weather and the long day!


I love the idea of styling a dress like this for wimbledon https://www.meandem.com/cheesecloth-button-front-maxi-shirt-dress-belt-soft-white?glCountry=GB&gclid=CjwKCAjwv8qkBhAnEiwAkY-ahs3CL5yYDepxdLWg4w6tRo9ou5nG4E7uOkNNI2nIDuYBd9sNzGk5ihoC2T4QAvD_BwE#288=1804&fo_c=3006&fo_k=f10a5d5b81cdbb9491f5a2817b775c10&fo_s=gplauk

It’s quite lightweight but still feels covered up enough
you could then add a nice bag and court-style heels x

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I’d keep it quite classic and opt for crisp white tailored trousers and a striped shirt, right now a thicker stripe is more on trend, then I’d add a little heel and some chic cat eye sunglasses!

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