Philip Kingsley - PK4 Soya protein suppliments

Morning all,

Has anyone used the Philp Kingsley PK4 Soya protein hair growth suppliments and if so, please can you let me know what results you did or didn’t have? PK4 Soya Protein Hair Growth Supplement | Philip Kingsley

Also - anyone used the Tricho pro volumizing protein spray? Same question on that.


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I haven’t used either in all honesty but I have heard VERY good things about the supplements in particular! Do let us know how you get on - I’ve not tried the volumising protein spray, but have used this and I loved it: Philip Kingsley Maximizer Root Volumising Spray 250ml - LOOKFANTASTIC

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Philip Kingsley is a great brand. I haven’t tried this supplement but know they are all backed by good trials and use quality ingredients.

In terms of hair growth/volume supplements, I have used Viviscal in the past and found it amazing! x

I haven’t but I am a loyal Philip Kingsley elasticizer and heat protection spray fan!!

I haven’t tried those supplements but another shout out to the Elasticizer. Love it!
I’m using Perfectil max supplements for hair at the moment and they’ve been good so far.

Not tried these either but love Philip Kingsley products.

I have used these supplements before (I also know Becky is fan) Hair Gain Capsules - 1 MONTHS SUPPLY - Hair Gain Now

They genuinely helped my hair grow quicker & thicker.