Probiotics for teens

Hi, my 16 yr old daughter was recently put on antibiotics (which she didn’t actually need in the end as it turned out to be glandular fever :weary:) Can anyone recommend an easy to take good quality probiotic - there is no way she will take Symprove!! Many thanks, Sarah

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Hi Sarah, so sorry to hear this! Optibac Saccharomyces Boulardii is the strain to know when it comes to building the gut back up after antibiotics, and I also recommend their ‘For Every Day Max’ which is a good long-term option.

Invivo also does fantastic probiotics and the customer service is great - you could always drop them a message and see which formula they recommend.

If you want to speak to a nutritionist, Lucinda Miller is amazing and an expert in child/teen nutrition:

Good luck! x

Thanks so much Tor - will definitely try those! x

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