Raey jacket & sweatshirt

I have heard mention of Raey over the Sheerluxe shows. I have two questions - Georgie mentioned a Raey jacket on the NY trip and Hodge wore one at the Christmas party - which jacket does they recommend?
Also Polly mentioned the oversized sweatshirt - is it worth the money and should you size down. I am 5ft 1inch and size 14.
Thank you.



This is the black blazer, I live in mine and it has become SUCH a staple in my wardrobe, its a big investment but an item I think I will always wear. I am 5,5 and a size 8 and I got the size 8 xx


I have the raey sweatshirt and sized down. its is HUGE, nice thick quality so so so cosy but after a few washes I am questioning whether it was worth the money. I got it when matches had a discount (wouldn’t pay full price). Polly post a h&m mens sweat as an alternative.

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Thank you for replying and appreciate your help.

Thank you Hodge. Appreciate it.

Hello! Apologies for the slow response - I do LOVE my Raey sweatshirt. It’s pricey but the quality is so nice and really easy to throw on. Matches do 20% off sales from time to time and I managed to snag my sweatshirt during one of those, so perhaps worth holding out! Size wise, if you are petite I think you could afford to size down - it does come up v big. Hope that helps, Polly x

Thanks a million. That certainly does help. Appreciate it. L.