Recs for brothers 40th present

Up to £500. He loves food, cooking, wine and horse racing. Thanks! X


I took my brother to the The Frog Adam Handling Restaurant in Covent Garden for a big birthday. It really was exceptional. Incredible experience.
Since Covid we’ve stopped doing presents and just celebrate with an experience.

The Ginger Pig butcher does great butchery classes £195-225 - so you could book for him to go with a friend. My husband and brothers have done a couple and really enjoyed them. Great for foodies!

How about a personalised piece of Art?

Life in a Spiral.
A hand drawn spiral depicting every part of that persons life. From Birth to the present day! Showing all the actual houses and school. Big moments little moments and everything in between. Framed and boxed beautifully. Its a personal one of a kind gift.