Restaurant/Bar tips for Rome

Looking for the best restaurants in Rome, and the best night life spots, there’s so many things online would love to go by personal reccomendations instead! x

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Pierluigi is probably my all time favourite restaurant for a special occasion! Love the rooftop at the Locarno hotel for sunset drinks, Sora Margherita for lunch (get there early to get a table outside) for fried artichoke & cacio e pepe, Trastevere is a fun, more chilled vibe area with so many great places to eat and drink - I really like Nannarella for food. Tram Tram is traditional spot in San Lorenzo, super affordable too. Osteria de Fortunata is in a really busy area so can feel touristy but has the best carbonara… I could go on but hope these help! xx

Those are amazing, thanks so much! xx

For restaurants, Da Enzo is really worth the hype and the wait. For bars there’s this little wine bar called Il Vinaietto, which has a fun selection and interesting history, very unfussed feeling. Another bar called Bar San Calisto feels very down to earth and is super friendly

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Thanks so much, these sound lovely!

Rome is my favourite city!

Visit: Galleria Borghese, Palazzo Altemps, Palazzo Colonna. Then you have the traditional sites: Vatican, Pantheon, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain.

Food: Tettarello, Dar Poeta, Vineria il Chianti, Matricianella, Giolitti (a historical ice-cream parlour - worth waiting in the queue), La Caffetteria ( Gigetto in the Jewish quarter

Thanks so much for all the recommendations, really appreciate it!