Rhode Beauty

Was browsing to see if anyone had tried and shared some reviews on Rhode Beauty but couldn’t find any so starting this thread!

Any good recs for the line up? I’m based in Amsterdam and have someone visiting from the UK soon (they don’t ship here!) so wanted to see if any of the products were worth the hype and asking a loved one to slip them into their suitcase…

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I have tried the Peptide Lip Treatments and must admit they’re probably my fave from the line-up - they give a nice glossy, healthy finish to lips and do feel very nourishing!


So Becky knows I was super sceptical about this line – i.e. is it just going to do well because it’s Hailey etc? But actually, I have used the BRC cream since May and I really really rate it. If you’re on the drier side or have sensitivities then I think the formula is actually pretty nice. The glazing fluid – which I think she thought might be the biggest seller given the whole ‘glazed doughnut’ thing – is actually pretty underwhelming in my opinion.


I was unsure if this brand was going to live up to the expectations but the Watermelon peptide lip treatment is INSANE! I have very sensitive lips so find it hard to use something daily without it irritating my lips but I can’t get enough of this.


This is great! Thank you <3

Agree I love the lip balms! My favourite is the caramel