Satin/Silk head wear for bed

Hallo, I have very thick & fine just below shoulder length hair and am absolutely fed up of brushing out ‘tugs/tangles’ in the morning. Also fed up of tying it in a top of the head knot - it doesn’t help & more importantly affects my slumbers. Would like to try a night time hat/bonnet etc … Any recommendations welcome. Many Thanks :pray:


I really recommend the Slip hair turbans: Slip Pure Silk Turban (Various Colours) | Cult Beauty

SO good. Expensive, but a worthy investment long-term. If you’re on a budget, Kitsch do fab ones too: Kitsch Satin Wrapped Hair Towel - Blush | Cult Beauty

Thanks V Much Rebecca, i have a birthday in a wee while so will respectfully ask for one :clap: